Can I Fire My Attorney In The Middle Of A Trial?

It is very common for people to get into the middle of an important trial and realize that they do not share the same point of view as their lawyers. When this happens, these people must eventually fire their lawyers. However, many of them do not know whether or not this is possible to do during a case.

Can an Attorney Be Fired in the Middle of a Legal Case?

The answer is that it is very possible to do and should be done in cases where the client and the attorney just simply cannot see eye to eye with one another. The attorney is a very important ingredient in a successful verdict. If a client does not think that the attorney is taking the right direction with his case or does not actually believe in the case or is not putting his full effort into it, the client must fire the attorney.

Demand Satisfaction

When an attorney is hired to try a case, the client is entitled to expect professionalism and commitment from the lawyer. Every single state has laws that regulate what lawyers owe their clients. It is smart for people to check out what their states say about the obligations of an attorney in their states. No one should ever feel that they must be passive or afraid of butting heads with his or her attorney. The client is entitled to set deadlines, to receive a copy of every single document pertaining to the case, to ask for list of itemized expenses, and to receive another opinion whenever he or she feels the need to do so.

When Conflict Arises

Whenever there is a conflict between client and attorney, communication must be facilitated. Disagreements can only grow when there is not proper communication between both parties. An lawyer must be confronted about any issue that does not seem right. The faster that the conflict is resolved, the better the case will go.

Sometimes, firing a lawyer can be the best thing for a case.

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