Does My Attorney Need My Permission to Settle My Case?

When you are represented by an attorney they must comply with your requests. An attorney cannot settle a case without your express permission to do so. They can however, suggest that you settle a case if they feel that you have reached the best settlement possible. If your attorney feels that prolonging the case will hinder your case settlement, they may suggest that you settle. If you wish to go against their advice and proceed with the case, they are obligated to comply and represent you until the case is over.

What If My Attorney Says To Settle But I Think It Is Not Correct

When you are in the negotiating phase of your case you may be advised to settle the case for a specified amount. If you feel that the attorney does not have your best interest in mind you may continue the case. If you have the ability to consult a separate attorney for a second opinion, do so. This however, will probably cost you a bit of money and will not be included in the expenses of your case. More often than not your attorney knows what you will be able to claim right from the beginning. You must realize that each case is an individual case and the settlement offers will follow accordingly.

I Do Not Want To Settle My Case Do I Need A New Attorney

In the rare case that your attorney does not feel that they can represent you after you decline a settlement offer, you may need to enlist a new attorney to help you. This is a very rare occurrence. Personal injury lawyers only receive payment once the case is closed. They are more apt to follow the case through to the end to ensure payment than to easily give up. An attorney knows before the case begins what to expect as a payout from the case. They will explain these expectations to you so that the settlement negotiations or trial phase run smoothly.

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