How Can I Act As My Own Attorney?

In the United States everyone has the right to represent themselves in legal matters. This includes being the plaintiff or the defendant and also applies to civil or criminal matters. The act of representing oneself is technically referred to as Attorney Pro Se or just Pro Se. This is a Latin term that stands for “ones self”. People can act as their own attorney on any level if they understand the system.

Is It Considered Acting As My Own Attorney When I Prepare Simple Legal Forms

When you prepare and process a legal form without help from an attorney you are, in fact, acting as an attorney pro se. What you must remember is that you must complete all these forms correctly and file with the appropriate offices to make sure that they are legally binding. While just about anyone that can master the legal language can design their own will; if it is not processed correctly all the effort was made in vain. Pro se attorneys must follow all the rules of procedure to make their efforts legal.

Can I Represent A Member Of My Family In A Court Case I Understand The Paperwork

When you act as your own attorney you are within the law and your rights. However, you cannot represent anyone else in a legal matter regardless of your legal knowledge. When you cross the line to representing someone else you will be charged with the crime of Unauthorized Practice of Law. UPL can carry jail time and heavy fines. When you think of do-it-yourself legal issues remember that pro se means ones self. You can only represent your own issues, never anyone else’s.

5 Responses to “How Can I Act As My Own Attorney?”

  1. joseph says:

    Hi, i have a officer making false reports. He is saying that i refused a urine,breath or blood test. All i need is the video where i am telling him that he had consent atleast 3 different times. i am pretty poor and i feel like i might be able to do this better if i represent myself.

  2. Jeff says:

    You’re screwed buddy

  3. John C Says says:

    File for A Subpeona Duces Tekem to get any reports with the court immediatly. It must be clear and consice and it must name the agency that you believe has the records that you want. It is sometimes very tedious paper work

  4. John C Says says:

    Prepare an accurate and concise Subpeona Duces Tekem and then file it with the distict court clerk. You may want to add “INSTANTER” meaning right away.The records will sometimes be released right away to whomever signed the subpeona, however if you signed it pro se, you get the records at the courtroom from the judge.

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