How Can I Get A Felony Expunged?

A Felony Expunged Without Lawyers

People who have a crime record have difficulties finding jobs or meeting new people without creating a bad notion with their criminal records. It is frustrating when you want a clean record because you have changed your behaviors after spending time in prison or being arrested for minor crimes. There are lawyers who take advantage of such an opportunity to make a lot of money for a simple task. Taking the initiative to get your crime expunged is the easiest and absolutely free. Check out your state laws because different states have different laws. Find out how long it takes for your kind of felony to be pulled out of public records and present your case to a judge.

Online Methods For Felony Expungement

With the advanced technology and available data about each state on the Internet; you can apply to get the chance to got to court and get your felony expunged. This will include filling an online felony expungement form in the courts section in your state’s or country’s website and submitting it to a judge. Check out your e-mail frequently to know if your felony has been expunged because most online applications receive e-mails and phone calls concerning the time you need to present your case in front of a judge.

Physical Mail For Felony Expungement

You have the option of either calling or mailing your state’s judge concerning your felony expungement case. The judge will later send you a mail or will call you to present your case. This involves telling the judge why you need your criminal records to be sealed from the public and if the judge finds credible evidence to your case; you can have your felony expunged. A judge can also refuse to expunge your criminal records but this should not be a discouragement because you can re-appeal and get a second chance to face the judge. This however depends with your state’s laws.

11 Responses to “How Can I Get A Felony Expunged?”

  1. Edwin says:

    I’d like more info on the process of getting my criminal record expunged please.

  2. I have a felony for cocaine in my urine. Drug possession in 2002. I have 4 Dui’s 1 before and 3 after. I live in Ohio. I have been clean 4 years and gone to nursing school but cannot get a job in a nursing home as an LPN because of the felony. What can I do in Ohio?
    Thank you
    Carol Robilotta
    Medina County

  3. Carol says:

    Please contact me and have this post removed.

  4. Carol says:

    Why is there no contact information on this website

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  7. james lang says:

    I have a federal felony the charge was giving false information to a federal officer,the only problem is that i never spoke with a fed. i spoke with a state police officer and a sheriffs officer.This occured in louisianna more than seven years ago. Is there anything i can do to erase this black mark from my name ,this is the only wrong-doing that i have ever been involved in, in my entire life.

  8. Dennis Innerst says:

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  10. jean says:

    Carol I hope u had luck here in Ohio but I have sinilar issues with obn they make it very hard

  11. I went to the page requesting my criminal record i receieved feedback that the page was not to be found .

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