How Do I File Chapter 13 Without an Attorney?

If you are in debt and would like to file chapter 13 bankruptcy you may not want to deal with the extra cost of hiring an attorney. It is however much easier to file bankruptcy with an attorney but that is not to say that it is impossible. It does, however, take time and preparation to ensure that you have succeeded in the process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that lets most debtors keep most merchandise and pay a fee determined affordable by the courts.

What Do I Need To File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

You will need a list of all companies that you are in debt to. You need their address, phone number, the amount owed and your account number. If you are married you need your spouses personal information. This includes age, date of birth, social security number and if you have one a tax identification number. You will need a list of all addresses you have lived at in the past two years. You will need pay stubs with accurate information. Your income information is required. This is used to determine the amount of payments you could reasonably afford. If you have ever been foreclosed on or had anything repossessed you will need to make a list of all of these and keep them for your records.

How Do I File?

You will need to visit your local district court to file for bankruptcy. You will obtain the bankruptcy forms (there should be 10) and you will need to fill them out and get them back to the court in a timely manner.

Appearing in Court

You will be scheduled a 341 meeting and this is considered your court date. Your creditors are invited but most do not attend. You will be sworn in and asked questions about the forms you filled out which are also known as schedules. Afterwards you may or may not have to be seen before the bankruptcy judge. In any case after your meetings you have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy without an attorney.

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