How Do I Fire My Lawyer?

In life there are times when we need to end the relationship with someone due to some reason. Ending relationship with people who are not attached to you is easy; however, ending relationship with someone who has legal affairs or attaches to you is not at all easy. Many people at first adore their lawyer because of his professionalism. However, they later find that they disagree with their lawyer on many issues. This is the time people think of ways to get rid of their lawyer. Getting rid of your current lawyer is not like disposing your garbage. There are legal procedures you have to follow in order not to hurt the benefits and reputation of both parties.

When you want to fire your lawyer?

As a client, you have the right to fire your lawyer, however, before you make the choice, you should think twice. If possible, you should reconcile with your lawyer in order to soothe the situation and arrive at a solution beneficial to both of you. If you are upset about something your lawyer has specifically done and it contradicts with your benefits then you can consider firing him. However, you have to make sure that changing lawyers will improve the situation. If you are upset with a court ruling then you should think whether changing to another lawyer will help you get your desired result. Changing lawyers can be detrimental to your case. Your old lawyer is the one who has spent some time with you and may understand you well. A new lawyer needs time to understand you and also to analyze your case. Moreover, courts don’t like people changing lawyers frequently.

How do I fire my lawyer?

First you have to review the written agreement between you and your current lawyer. The agreement may include the steps needed to be taken in order to end the relationship. You also should hire a new lawyer so as to shorten the delay. You should send a certified letter acknowledging the termination to your old lawyer. If you have prepaid funds, ask for a refund.

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  1. andrew sivak says:

    Many lawyers maintain a facade that they have many clients, lots of work and are very busy. Actually, they’re like some of the charactors in a John Grishom novel who have little or no work despite statements that they’re in court at hearings or doing depositions.
    Also, lawyers are sleazy not because they will lie and cheat or do anything for their clients but because they lie to and cheat their own clients. I recently hired a “law firm” which assigned me a lawyer who soon left the firm. His repslacement took no interest in the case.Of course he lost it. But without fail, every month they sent me a bill and are delaying returning my deposit.

  2. trying to find you, what’s your fb?

  3. Raul says:

    My attorney doesn’t want to get give me a letter of withdraw .. What can I do to continue my case pro se ? By the way my case is over.

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