What Are the Different Types of Civil Law Cases?

Civil Law Cases

In Civil Law cases in the United States, one has to be proven to be most definitely guilty without a doubt to be convicted.

Different Types of Civil Law Cases

There are a large amount of civil law cases, and genres of civil law. There is consumer law, international law, agricultural law, employment law, animal law, entertainment law, business law, family law, sports law, tax law, personal disputes such as libel, slander, battery and/or assault, and negligence. This is the majority of the different types of civil law cases. There are certainly a large variety of them.

As you can tell, civil law mainly pertains to cases where non-violent disputes between people in organizations and regular people occur. These cases are quite often ones which involve a monetary reward for the one identified as the victim in the case, but a lot of insight is given to the situation before a final decision is made as far as the reward.

Breach Of Contract Cases

An occasional type of civil case you’ll see are breach of contract case. Ever heard of Judge Judy? You probably have, and the types of cases generally on there are breach of contract ones. Basically, one individual fails to follow through on an agreement, and this is where these cases originate from. An example is an agreement on an apartment monthly rate being made, and the person living there not paying the amount consistently or at all.

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  1. len says:

    if you’ve allowed someone to stay rent free at your own home and they leave and don’t take their property, how does one dispose of it legally.

  2. an example of civil law is noise ordinance.

  3. I like some of the articles in this blog, I hope that this blog remains present with other interesting articles on a regular basis.

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