What Are The latest Trends In Criminal Law?

Technology has made our lives a lot easier. Computers are now a big part of our lives and so are mobile phones. All this technology as not only made our lives easier, it has made crime easier. Criminals have been taking advantage of technology and the law is trying to catch up.

Dealing With Cybercrime

From piracy to identity theft, there is plenty of cybercrime going on. In the past, many law enforcement agencies just weren’t prepared to deal with cybercrime. Now any law enforcement agency that takes it self seriously is prepared to deal with crime in cyberspace. There are crimes that didn’t even exist a few years ago, such as cyber bullying. Criminal law has to constantly keep up with new problems that are arising with all the new technology. Crime over the internet has also made agencies work together more than ever before. These cyber crimes can often cover great distances. It is now reported that cybercrime is causing greater losses than physical crime. Knowing this we should see even more emphasis on dealing with this kind of crime in the future.

DNA to Convict and Exonerate

DNA evidence has taken on a great importance in criminal law. There are people being freed after decades behind bars thanks to DNA evidence. There are also people that are arrested for crimes, then have their DNA taken, and are found to have committed an unrelated crime. In some jurisdictions DNA is now collected at the point of arrest like finger prints. It is then ran through a national database against evidence from crimes. The DNA trend in criminal law will bring more accuracy to the criminal justice system and help to make sure the right people get punished for the crimes they commit.

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  1. cyber crime is on the rise.

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