What Can I Do If My Lawyer Gave Me Bad Advice?

There are quite a number of lawyers in the law field today, however, finding a good lawyer who’s able to give you good guidance in a pending case determines the outcome of the case. It is very important to hire lawyers when you have full information about their past law practice performance. Should your case be work related then you should find lawyers who are knowledgeable about work ethics and law. If your lawyer gives bad advice then you can report them for disciplinary action from the law society.

How to file a lawsuit

There are several things you need to take into consideration before you engage a lawsuit. If its an assault on the workplace, contact a police station that is nearest to you and ask them to try to file a report of warrant of arrest. Normally for individuals to receive the arrest warrant they must pay some certain amount of money and make a request in writing and then the warrant will be sent to them. The police may however need you to prove to them the reason why you are suspecting the individual before they give out any arrest records. In some cases they may decide to start their own private investigation should they find no records but still find the suspicions strong.

Finding lawyer information online

Try and find out if the individual you need to file charges on has had previous crimes to which he was found guilty for. You can visit the court clerk or try and look for online records to try and get this information. Should an individual look through all this options even some online sites that charge to give this information and you still suspect the person, individuals can hire a private investigator to do this for them.

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