Questions To Ask Your Attorney

When you are meeting with your divorce lawyer at the initial points before your case starts in court, you should have some questions that you need to ask him/her so that you can become clear about some matters. However, don’t ask such irrelevant questions since there are more important things to focus on at first.

When in the first meeting, ask the attorney about the questions which you should have already listed down, so you don’t forget asking him/her earlier since later you can incur additional charges. Such important information mostly rotates at the finances and children’s custody. Here are what you need to ask your attorney when meeting before the case begins.

1. Fee Structure Of The Attorney

Ask your divorce lawyer about the fees he/she will charge you. You should know how the attorney will be able to bill you in your case if it’s fixed or according to the events that occur. Be ready, however, to some financial implications because some divorce can take years before being finalized.

2. The Divorce Procedures

You should ask your attorney concerning your state’s divorce procedure that you are required to follow. However, the period for completion of the case still depends on the situation complexity; the attorney needs to give you an estimated timeline. You can prepare yourself to take a long time in divorce procedures if you are committed elsewhere since you can’t be available most times.

3. Alimony Issues

Every state specifies if a spouse can ask for alimony. Some cases are according to your marriage’s length whether you both raise children at home, or in the arising discrepancies between the two of you. So if you are the one who is asking for alimony or you are concerned on the payment liability, you need to inquire, and you can be enlightened on the available possibilities if the divorce pushes through.

4. Child Custody

The moment you have children together, deciding on the one to be under children’s custody will always be complicated. However, you can request from your child custody attorney so that you can know who is likely to get the children’s custody. Ask your attorney about your chances of getting the custody because mostly the custody can prolong the divorce so you need to know if there might be challenges. You can be able to inquire concerning alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and meditation if you want to go into the trial so you can avoid.

5. Splitting Marital Assets

Many states laws have a straightforward solution on splitting the marital assets between the spouses. However, every state’s formula is different as it dictates laws on ownership of properties. You, therefore, need to inquire from your lawyer concerning the same so that you can know ahead.

6. Inquire On The Communication Process

You should inquire from your attorney on which are the available means of communication throughout the entire divorce case. If you decide on using the phone or by email or even face communication with your lawyer, whatever that your attorney will decide on is what you will consider. The messaging or video conferencing is, however, secure means since it has evidence. You should also wisely select the one to help you with the divorce procedures apart from your lawyer and the times you will check in.

7. Inquire On Monitoring Your Case Status

Most attorneys currently incorporate technology in their work that makes your work easier. The entire process will be kept transparent, which will help you to follow every step. When meeting your attorney, inquire if they can use technology in their office. Ask if they have case management software which can be used in messaging your attorney, to track your case status, and to review the documents.

8. Ask If Your Attorney Sees A Positive Potential

It will be the best chance for you to think ahead about what next. After you are done with submitting all the evidence to your attorney, inquire if the attorney sees the possibilities of you winning the case. You need to take a chance according to the questions, and your story lives that your attorney wants to know by asking if there are possibilities of the case favoring you. You need to ensure the attorney hears you and look for more confidential evidence that can help you get acquitted.

After knowing the above questions that you should inquire from your attorney, it is clear that you won’t incur any more charges when asking the attorney such questions in the future. You will also be enlightening in your case.